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Natural cosmetics have become a major trend in Europe in recent years, although a uniform definition and guidelines for natural cosmetics are not established yet.
Many studies report about the possible dangers of certain chemicals such as parabens, sodium laureth sulfate and formaldehyde in Petroleum-based conventional cosmetics has made people more aware of what we are using for skin care and beauty. Natural cosmetics are gaining favor as they contain low levels of possibly harmful substances like parabens, as well as the functionality of natural ingredients.

FINECO is specialized in developing high quality natural skin care products according to European guidelines which are already highly recognized in countries throughout Europe and Asia. From our extensive research to develop more environmentally-friendly and skin-compatible products for many years,
FINECO created special combinations of silk protein, polysaccharides, vegetable oils, herbs, plant extracts, essential oils and other natural active ingredients to treat various skin conditions, without using parabens, petroleum derivatives, silicones, chemically synthetic fragrances and coloring agents.

FINECO is very pleased to bring its newest line of skincare solutions to you with La Soie, silk-based all natural skin care line that delivers a blend of intense
 ingredients from nature to hydrate, nourish, and protect delicate skin on your face, neck and body.

Skin Care Hair Care Body Spa
Skin Purify Cleansing Toner
Extra Gentle Cleansing Lotion
White Deep Cleansing Foam
Silk & Enzyme Peeling Cream
Skin Activating Massage Cream
Silk Sun Screen
Hydra Revitalizing Toner
Cellular Renewal Lotion
Rejuvenating Nutritive Cream
Intensive Repairing Eye Cream
Silk Crystal Gold Powder
Intensive Restore Solution (10ml*4)
Anti Aging Serum (25ml, 30ml)
Intensive Whitening Serum (25ml, 30ml)
Cell Renewal Peeling Serum (6ml,10ml)
Clear Spot Serum (6ml,10ml)
Blemish Clarifying Serum (6ml,10ml)
Silk Vita White (5g)

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